Success Stories

Success Story: Jorge Perez

Who says the fitness bug isn’t catching? My family and friends caught it from me. I’m thrilled to pass it on!

I’ve always been very active but after I participated in the LA Triathlon last year, my family really started to notice how good I looked and felt. They wanted to feel that way too.

My mom’s life turned around when she became more active and started eating better. She’d been plagued by poor health for a long time and was very sedentary. Now she’s more energetic, feeling better and is much more engaged with her family.

With my mom cheering her on, my 12-year-old sister went out for soccer and track and field. Competing gives her a real boost of self-esteem and confidence.

I have a couple more triathlons on my schedule and hope to keep right on inspiring others to live a more active life.