The 24-Hour Countdown

Everyone I talk to is “busy.”  For some reason being busy is seen as a badge of honor.  As a trainer, I hear this all the time.  “I just don’t have enough time to work out.”

It’s tough to find time.  I get it.  But I think it’s easier than most people think.  I came across this exercise in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new book, Be Useful.  It’s called the 24-Hour Countdown. 

Let’s say you sleep 8 hours per day because that’s what the research recommends for peak performance.  Now there are 16 hours left in the day.

Let’s say you work 8 hours a day.  Now we have 8 hours left in the day.

The average daily commute is 45 minutes each way. So, let’s take 90 minutes away.  That’s 6 ½ hours left in the day.  If you are a remote worker, then you still have 8 hours left.

How much time do you spend with your family? This includes meals and maybe helping with homework and/or watching TV.  Let’s say 3 ½ hours.  That’s great family time.

Now we are down to 3 hours left in the day. Are you physically active?  Gym time or walking the dog?  Let’s go for an hour a day.

Now we’re down to 2 hours (or more if you don’t commute).

Let’s say you take an hour for rest and relaxation.  Where are you spending your last hour?  Are you scrolling social media or binge-watching Netflix?  If you took time to write for one hour you could literally have a novel at the end of the year.

My point and Arnold’s point is to turn off your devices and get to work.  Spend more time exercising, writing, or quality time with family.  Turn big goals into daily little goals and see the rewards pile up.

You got this!