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Andrew Gallardo’s Fitness News – October 2017

Gender Differences in Body Image Dissatisfaction

Body image dissatisfaction is associated primarily with women. However, a study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health suggests the condition may also affect men—and may be more psychologically harmful for them than it is for women.

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The Junk Food–Depression Connection

Step away from the refined carbohydrates. The sad irony is that consuming food we often describe as “comforting” actually has the strong potential to push postmenopausal women out of their emotional comfort zones and into depression.

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Mindful Eating and Type 2 Diabetes

Practicing mindful eating may boost heart health and improve blood glucose levels more than simply following a healthier eating plan, suggest findings from a study published in Obesity, the scientific journal of The Obesity Society.

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TECHNIQUE: Roasting Fall Vegetables

Heirloom tomatoes and pole beans have sung their swan song for the season, but there is a bounty of hardy autumn crops ready to step in and play the starring role for a few months.

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Video of the Month: Curtsy Lunge

Learn how to target the lower body correctly with this curtsy lunge progression, which features a weighted bar. You can also do this move with a dowel, broom or even bodyweight only. This exercise focuses on the inner and outer thighs, the core and the entire lower body.

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