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Andrew Gallardo’s Fitness News – June 2018

Can You Catch the Running Bug?

Are certain behaviors becoming socially contagious? This study explores how a person’s exercise habits can influence those of another person in their social network.

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Nutrition: Claims On Labels Can Be Misleading

A recent study found that certain nutrition claims don’t always mean they’re the most nutritious option. They often don’t reflect the whole nutritional picture, so be sure to read the ingredient list.

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Mind-Body: US Yoga Injuries Increasing

Though yoga is relatively safe and beneficial, there is an injury risk involved. Injuries vary among all ages, with seniors experiencing the highest frequency.

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Recipe for Health: Grilled Salmon Spelt Salad

Buttery salmon, sweet-tart berry dressing, crunchy nuts, chewy spelt and sun-kissed vegetables mingle to create an Instagram-ready summer salad. And it’s chock-full of health benefits, incorporating whole grains, omega-3 fats, and antioxidants.

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Video of the Month: Figure 8 Rear Lunge

Though the rear lunge may be a beginner’s move, adding in a figure 8 increases the intensity and helps you to bend further down. This simple change makes the the lunge more effective and challenging.

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