Surviving the Holidays

I get asked this question a lot, “how do you survive the holidays?” And the answer is there is not one single answer but several “hacks” I would recommend.  Since I love lists, I created a top 10 list of my favorite holiday tips

  1. Laugh – Now is the time to get with friends and light it up. Tell funny stories or relive old memories. When all else fails, watch “Elf” or “Christmas Vacation.”
  2. Give – Studies show that giving your time or money can give us meaning and help us gain perspective.
  3. Yoga – This one coincides with tip number one but it’s crucial to find time to stretch and breathe! Your body will need a break from the hustle and bustle and endless holiday parties. Pilates, spin class, and hiking also work!
  4. Prioritize – If there is one thing you must do for the holidays like see a show or visit certain friends, then put that at the top of the list. You may have to say no to other things. It’s OK.  Do what makes you happy.
  5. Have a plan – Burned the turkey? Drank too much eggnog? Bumped into a friend that you were trying to avoid? Take a deep breath and go to Plan B.  Things are going to happen.  Plan accordingly.
  6. Journal – I have this on all my top 10 lists because it’s so powerful. I wish I had journaled earlier in life because there are so many good memories, I wish I had captured.
  7. Drink – No not alcohol, drink water! This is the season to party. Make sure you grab a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.  Your head will thank you in the morning.
  8. Eat – Enjoy the holidays! (In moderation of course). Now is not the time to beat yourself up for straying from the diet plan.  Certain things only come around during the holidays – don’t pass them up.
  9. Exercise – Of course, I put this after food! But it’s critical to keep moving and burn some calories. It will help with stress and anxiety as well.  Sorry, but this is in addition to tip #8.
  10. Breathe – Take a moment every day to simply breathe. Try deep inhalations and deep exhalations throughout the day. This can help lower our heart rate and blood pressure.

Happy Holidays!