Health Tips for Working At Home

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1. Set up a Workspace.Working at home - Set up a Workspace

Don’t try to work from the couch. That is where you watch Netfix. Separate work and personal life as much as possible. Set up a mini-desk, away from distractions and make it your workspace you go to daily.

2. Work Out!Working at home - Work out!

Everyone tells me, “if I just had more time in the day I would work out.” Well guess what….now you don’t have a commute. Use the extra time to your advantage. It’s still safe to go outside and walk or run. The fresh air will do wonders and help you avoid cabin fever.

3. Be Careful With Snacking.Working at home - Be careful with snacking

When you are at home you have access to food 24/7, so it’s no surprise that people who transition from the offce to home almost always report weight gain. Don’t be a statistic, set up times to eat and stick to them!

4. Take a Shower.Working at home - Take a shower

It may be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. Get up. Work out and take a shower. Then put on casual clothes. You can be comfortable but ditch the PJ’s, to stay in a professional state of mind.

5. Stay Connected!Working at home - Stay connected!

I love being around my co-workers. Be prepared for some loneliness to creep in. Communicate more than usual, especially with your manager. Enable the video option in Teams so you can see each other and check in by phone often.