Episode #1 – The Random Show

The Get Fit Podcast Series – Ep. 1

The Random Show


Welcome to the first episode of the get Fit Podcast Series.  In this episode I tackle the “Top 20” questions I get asked as a personal trainer on a regular basis…everything from food and nutrition to motivation and fear.  This is our first episode of many.  Enjoy!


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Episode 1 Show Notes

5:20                Clam exercise
6:27                Trader Joes Trail Mix          https://www.traderjoes.com
7:12                Justins Almond Butter         http://justins.com/
8:12                Veggie Delivery                    http://abundantharvestorganics.com
9:20                Turmeric Coffee Creamer   https://lairdsuperfood.com/products/laird-superfood-turmeric-creamer-16oz-new-product
12:05              Protein Powder                     http://getfitsocal.org/resources
18:35              Vega Pre-Workout               https://myvega.com/
19:31              Osteo Bi-Flex                        http://www.osteobiflex.com/
22:25              Greens and Reds Drink      https://www.traderjoes.com
22:38              beet Juice                             http://www.humann.com
24:12              Foam Roller Video               http://getfitsocal.org
27:20              Pull-up assist                       http://amazon.com
34:10              24 Hour Fitness                   http://getfitsocal.org/resources/
35:00              Brady w/Cast                        http://getfitsocal.org
49:17              Meditation                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6eFFCi12v8
38:08              Redondo 10K                       http://redondo10k.com/
50:05              GetFit Festival                      http://getfitfestival.org