Dry January

What I’ve learned during dry January…

Yes, I’ll admit it…. I have jumped on the dry January bandwagon.  To be honest, I just needed a break from a very busy holiday season!

I have to say I’ve noticed a change in four different areas.

  1. Sleep – I’m sleeping better. I still have some restless nights but I’m getting more quality sleep and having fewer disruptions during the night.  I’m not sleeping more…just better! (according to my tracker) I’m waking up earlier and with less grogginess.
  2. Mood – For lack of a better description, I simply feel better. I’m in a better mood and less distracted during the day.  It feels like I have more days where I notice that I’m in a good mood.
  3. Energy – I’m more energized to exercise and go for a walk. I have noticed I have more energy during the day.  No more afternoon crashes and less reliance on caffeine.  I’m also drinking more water, so I know that helps as well.
  4. Money – when you take alcohol off the grocery list and restaurant bill the savings really add up. I did try a few N/A drinks, but they really weren’t worth the money.  Just drink more water!

Yes, it’s been hard to watch football without a cold one in my hand, but you get used to it.  Overall, I feel like my body is saying. “Thank you! Now keep it up!”