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Andrew Gallardo’s Fitness News – Sept 2016

Music Keeps Cardiac Patients Moving
Walk into most fitness facilities and you’ll likely hear some sort of music playing. Could that music be what motivates people to move more? For a group of cardiac rehabilitation patients, that was indeed the more »


Ingredient Roundup: 8 Foods to Know More About
A number of foods that have been spotlighted in the culinary and natural-foods worlds may leave you scratching your head—as in, “I’ve never heard of that before.”read more »


Mind-Body Practices, Chronic Pain and the Brain
If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you may want to begin a yoga or meditation practice. In addition to increasing the risk of depression and anxiety, chronic pain changes brain anatomy by reducing gray matter and adversely affecting white matter, according to the American Pain Society (APS). As many as 19% of adult Americans suffer from chronic more »


RECIPE FOR HEALTH: Indian Street “Burger”
Perhaps nothing celebrates meat better than a traditional burger, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that vegetables can stand up on a bun next to this American standard just as well. Read on to learn how several chefs put their plant-forward burger creations to the more »


What Added Sugar Looks Like
It’s well documented that sugar has a harmful effect on the human body. Reaserch has linked this sweet substance to tooth decay, obesity, heart diesease, liver disease and other more »


Video of the Month: Biceps Curls – Standing Dumbbell
Target muscles include Biceps, Dorsal Flexos, Pectoral Muscles, Rhomboidsread more »